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Barista dictionary
Bartender dictionary
Confectioner dictionary
Gardener dictionary
Baker dictionary
Waiter dictionary
Chef dictionary
Maid dictionary
Porter dictionary
Technician dictionary

The vocational dictionary (according to the official name of the project: HORECA) is one of Munka-Kör Foundation’s international projects. The HORECA Project works with 3 partners from 3 countries:Hungary, Greece and Poland. The local coordinator of the project is Munka-Kör Foundation. The project is supported by the European Union, within the frames of Erasmus + Program.

The aim of the project is to develop a dictionary which helps the hearing impaired in the working fields of tourism, and hotels / hostels(HORECASector – Hotel, Restaurant, Café). The application contains the most impotant vocational expressions for each working fiends, each expression is shown in a signed video, with a subscription, at least a picture, and audio format. The project should be finished in the summer of 2020

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