Consultation for company owners, leaders, and HR leaders:

  • We inspire companies to employ the disabled over personal consultations.
  • We inform employers about the opportunities of rehabilitation employment such as related obligations including rehabilitation contribution the necessary documents for employing the disabled and special need employees (for example disability support, complex condition examination, fringe benefits etc.)
  • We tell them about the employment of the hearing impaired including its advantages such as the rehabilitation card, tolerance for monotony, etc.
  • We inform organizations and companies on the necessary preparations to become accepting work places. That means workplace assistance and mentoring.
  • What does it draw in for organizations and companies in relation to the interaction between people and their performance?
  • We inform those who interested about the suggested Jobs available for the hearing impaired which we gained through experience.
  • We turn our attention to inform employers about the benefits of the disabled.
  • We view together the activities can be done by hearing impaired employees.

It is very important in case of the hearing impaired that they have a strong personality for this will determine Their role as an employee Not there disability!!