What it is it like to be deaf? How do the hearing impaired live? What difficulties impede their assimilation into the major society?

The Moholy-Nagy Art University students cooperate to help us find the answers to these questions. For those who have already asked them and for those who have never even emerged this problem.

Social Campaign for the Hearing impaired subculture visibility

The society of the hearing impaired constitutes a preserved subculture within the major society. Their operation is invisible for outsiders. If we are not connected to a problem in any ways, it is not at all easy to gain information about it. Except if the experience is accessible through a medium.

This thought inspired the Moholy-Nagy Art university joint cooperation in the framework of which students familiarise with the life of the hearing impaired starting from September 2019 at the course of the media and design department. They turn their experiences into an outcome which if delivered to the crowds, we can trigger a high volume social sensitivity.

The Munka-Kör Foundation provides its expert knowledge, the art university students provide their creativity. The specialty of the course is that the topic is accurate and to present it, the Munka-Kör Foundation insures participation of deaf, hearing impaired, family members, relatives, friends, and additional experts of the field. It also takes the role of casting.

We can view the film in December

The Munka-Kör Foundation and the Moholy-Nagy Art University signed a cooperation disclaimer over the summer. From the university the partner was János Szirányi, the head of the media and design department. They also gained the approval of the dean, József Fülöp. The course will be Instructed by University professor Miklós Erchart. According to their intention, the material for the campaign Is to prepared for December, therefore we can gain an insight into the everyday life of the hearing impaired through the art creations of the university students by Christmas.

Munka-kör Foundation with the cooperation of the Moholy Nagy Art university is Gathering resources for production expenses

The project will begin for students in September and will close on the 15th of February. The cooperating partners estimate the expenses of campaign preparation and dissemination to be as high as 6.5 million Hungarian forints which include videos, photos, and graphics covering their expenses.

Do you also think that the hearing impaired should really get a chance to be visible for the world around them?

Private people and organizations supporting the campaign with generous donations receive information on the current processes on our Webpage and social media websites. Will you be among them?

We gave a lecture at the Moholy-Nagy University.