We are convinced that the social participation of the disabled is the best enhanced if their presence in everyday society is relevant and regular.

Their encounter with the employers takes place in all cases in the presence of either a hearing impaired or deaf employee. This gives the platform for both parties to gain personal experience.

We offer for companies the opportunity to realize their cooperation between hearing impaired and hearing people.  In case of preliminary ordering, we create course materials particularly for specific Job situations in the form of videos with sign language Subtitled course materials and dictionary Accompanied with sign language complimentary. On the basis of the tested conditions, a cooperation generates between hearing employers and hearing impaired under safe circumstances. Our purpose is to present for every member of the society, including Employees and employers to learn what hearing impaired people are capable of.

As a result, more and more job opportunities could appear for the hearing impaired end the work processes would be available by mentoring under the supervision of the employer may there be personal enterprise, small medium or international companies, we would like to gain the common job sector to employ the hearing impaired.