Many civil organizations have work teams that create gifts, flat decorations and other objects pleasant for the eye. Do you know why ours are different?

Our decorations are made by hearing or mobility impaired people

Even a simple work piece is difficult to make by colleagues since day invest less attention to the development of their motor skills as hearing impaired or mobility disabled. However when day experience the 1st signs of improvement, they develop stamina and motivation not to mention the motor skill improvement as well as a surge in cognitive skill sophistication.

The ideas are the products of the workers’ themselves

Our Creative group organizes meetings on a regular basis where they can discuss their ideas with one another which they can include into visible and creative forms of pieces. It is important that everybody’s opinions matter this means that every member of our creative group feels that they are unchangeable members of this creative group every item is made of recycled materials.

Our decorations and useful objects are made of materials such as of plastic and paper which once had a function. While using them, they didn’t go out of order totally but they are still good for recycling and therefore having another totally distinct function from that of the previous one. The part of the creative work is that the team finds a new function for these materials and turn them into new items.  We protect the environment as well.

If social responsibility is important

It is very important for us that we prepare products useful for society. We offer them for organizations caring for our cause. These objects fit for flat for renting office rooms and for other rooms. Where would you put them to make a tribute for our efforts?

We created our group to enhance the motor skill development of the talented individuals. The objects below are prepared by Hearing impaired people mostly but a few makers have mobility impairment. Anyone can join our creative group who wants to try their talent. Only one thing is important they should feel and motivation for making handiwork objects. We teach them how to prepare the objects. These can be useful objects such as jewellery and decoration.

Our creative items can be ordered or bought in the office and by using one of our availabilities. We can also provide delivery service to get the products to their destinations.

We are present at local government charity and other events. These events are often attended by our workers. It is important, for they can practice communication with the hearing people of our society. These occasions also provide an opportunity for the hearing to connect and get acquainted with the situation and the hearing impaired people.

We are looking forward to receive your invitation for your private company event. The auction and mobilization we organize ourselves.

You can buy our creative objects through the availabilities below and send your company event invitation.
Telefon: +36-1-274-2607

We hope to greet you as a purchasing partner soon.