Any case if we meet an employer, we visit them with deaf or hearing impaired people. Thus, there is an opportunity for everyone to have personal experience.

We find it especially efficient that we can take part in business events, where we can present our handycraft product with the producers, who are also hearing impaired, so we can show a great opportunity for communication and learning while working in a natural environment.

We offer the presentation of

how to make the frames of co-working of hearing and hearing impaired employees in the progress of the company.

In case of an order, we can make and present special digital dictionaries adapted for the given company and the scope of activities, which contain the most important words and expressions in audio, written, talking video (where the lips of the talker is seen perfectly), and sign language format.

During the tried progress of work results cooperation in secure circumstances.

Our goal is to have the society, employers and employees open-minded for the deaf and hearing impaired people themselves, especially what they are able to do.

And, as a result, we would like the employers offer more and more jobs for them, and be opened for the opportunity of their working mentoration. The employers can be small, middle, or multinational companies as well. We also would like to motivate the public sphere to employ hearing impaired people.