Speech programmes at our foundation

We treat the issue of speech improvement for our hearing impaired colleagues for a better job performance, the more effective understanding, and for better time management with great importance. For this reason, we started a programme which provides for the deaf and the hearing impaired an opportunity to better acquire the Hungarian language, to better understand written texts and ongoing speech, to practice lip reading, as well as to learn writing according to the rules of the Hungarian language.

The programme enables the hearing impaired that both in their everyday life, as well as at their workplaces, they could understand people better, as well as they could express whatever they want to say. Learning takes place while working, through mentors

Acquisition is enhanced by our student sign language interns at the foundation. We put great emphasis on learning on the job, because the hearing impaired thus can learn the related specific words to their own job activities. They can understand the working processes thoroughly and they also learn to read others communication from their lips and they learn to express what they want to ask or say, they learn their tasks and how we call the things around us.

The programme consists of three parts

  • Vocabulary development, text comprehension
  • Speech comprehension improving, hearing improvement, lip reading.
  • Improvement of key competence for our hearing impaired collegues.

Our goal is to…

  • Improve the communication of the hearing impaired both at the work place or in every day life.
  • Improve communication between hearing and the hearing impaired
  • Improve the success of their integration to enhance their social embeddedness, as well as their employment on the open labour market.
  • Improve the self-esteem of the hearing impaired and to maintain a good working atmosphere at the workplace
  • Improve the development of human relationships by minimizing the communicational misunderstandings

Over vocabulary development the hearing impaired…

  • Know and practice the expressions of the workplace and everyday life,
  • Learn the Hungarian language grammar through tasks such as dialogues, situational exercises,
  • Acquire the Hungarian language composition and spelling
  • Learn to listen to each other while speaking and lipreading,
  • Grow the speech and text comprehension of the hearing impaired,
  • improve better sensitivity in the hearing impaired for the spoken word.