Who is entitled to get rehabilitation support?

The person with changed working abilities who can be rehabilitated, and

  • Their emploiability can be restored with a rehabilitation care and their condition of health is between 51—60%  (B1category),
  • need a permanent employability rehabilitation and the condition of health is between 31— 50% (C1category).

In the framework of a rehabilitation support, what else is a person with changed working abilities is entitled for?

  • The needed rehabilitation services in order to make the rehabilitation care successful, and financial rehabilitation support.

What does the rehabilitation service mean?

The services for preparing the employability in the optimal workplace and the benefits of a rehabilitation-aimed usage of a registry office for the person with changed working abilities are provided in the framework of rehabilitation service.

Which office provides the rehabilitation services?

The rehabilitation Authority provides the accessibility to the rehabilitation services, and the supported employability. For this, if needed, the authority contracts with the service providers.

How much rehabilitation support can get a month?

The referency time is the calendar year before the previous day of handing in the proposal. The amount is counted on thehealth care affix paid in the reference time with thirty times an average of a day.

If you don’t have an income for at least 180 days in the reference time, the amount is counted by the income of the previous 180 days before the day of handing in the proposal.

If you got an illness compensation support or an accident consultation support, if it is favourable, the amount can be counted on the 180 days before the time you got the compensation support.

How is it counted if I don’t have an income at all?

The basic amount in 1st January 2019 is 101560,00 HUF. Then it’s up to the minimum amount assigned to your category of health condition. The basic amount rises proportionally with the elderly pension.

If you have an income and you are in B1, you are entitled for 35% of the average for oyur monthly salary, but at least the 30% of the bsic amount (30.470,-HUF) and maximum 40% of the basic amount (40.625,- HUF),

If you are in C1, you are entitled for the 45% of the average of your monthly salary, but at least the 40% of the basic amount (40.625,- HUF), maximum half of the basic amount (50.780,- HUF).

If you don’t have income at all, the financial support’s amount is as following:

  •  If you are in B1, the 30! of the basic amount (30.470,- HUF),
  • If you are in C1, the 40% of the basic amount (40.625,- HUF).

Is it possible to rise the amoun of the financial support by fairness reasons?

There is no possibility for that.

Which obligations does a person entitled for rehabilitation support have?

  • Cooperation with the rehabilitation auhorities,
  • and during this, (s)he has to fullfill the obligations written in the rehabilitation plan.
  • After getting the regulation, (s)he shall contact the Rehabilitation Authority in order to fullfill the cooperation obligation and to have the rehabilitation plan made within 10 days.

What does the cooperation obligation mean?

The person entitled for rehabilitation support has to

  • Visit the rehabilitation authority in the occassions written in te rehabilitation plan,
  • Fullfill his / her obligation of notification,
  • Actively seeking for a workplace,
  • Accept the offered rehabilitational and educational services,
  • Take part in a programme for the facilitation of catching an optimal profession, and accept the job offer of a workplace, no matter if it is offered by an utility company

In which case can the grant of the rehabilitation support be in abbeyance?

If the person wih changed working abilities doesn’t fullfill his / her obligation of cooperation specified in the rehabilitation or cooperation plan caused by his / her own mistake.

After this mistake turned out, the grant can be in abbeyance for a minimum of 3 months and latest by the month when the grant would be stopped anyway.

For how long can I have rehabilitation support?

You can get rehabilitation support from the day following the day of receiving the resolve till the maximum of the rehabilitation time, which is 36 months

If you have a complex classification in the time of handing in the proposal, and duringthe process, you don’t need an other classification, you can get the rehabilitation support from the day of being entitled but at least from the day of handing in the day of handing in the classification proposal. In this case the last day of the grant is the last day of the classification’s effect.

When can I get rehabilitation support if I have other regular financial supports?

From the first day of stopping the grant of other financial supports.

Can the grant of rehabilitation support be lengthened after the grant has stopped and the time of the rehabilitation is over?

No, there is no possibility fot that. But you can ask for an other round of rehabilitation, if you are still entitled for it – based on the complex classification.

You can have it again if during the complex classification it is declared that the medical, social or employability needs, so that the former categor assigned to the complex classification  is changed

If Ihave a salary but have become unable to work, can I ask for an income ocmpensation for the time of recovery if I get rehabilitation support?

Yes, you can be entitled for an illness income compensation or accident income compensation for the time of recovery.

 When can I loose the entitlement for rehabilitation support?

If the grant time of rehabilitation support is over, or in case of the entitled person’s death, from the first day of the month following the day of his / her death.

The rehabilitation support is also being finished, if

  • The entitled person asks,
  • The circumstances of the entitlement are not standing anymore,
  • His / her monthly salary is above the 150% of the minimal salary for 3 month following each other,
  • (S)he gets other regular financial support, which is not an income compensation support for illness or an accident, or hot a maternity support.
  • A permanently negative change occured in the condition of health which makes rehabilitation impossible,
  • A permanently positive change occured in the condition of health, so that (s)he is not a person with changed working abilities anymore,
  • (S)he didn’t fullfill the obligations declared in the cooperation or rehabilitation plan caused by his / her own mistake again,
  • (S)he is not cooperative because of his / her own mistake during the reconsideration examination, or
  • (S)he had been employed without having certification that (s)he can be employed

Can I have a salary while having rehabilitation support?

Yes, you can, but pay special attention to your salary, because if it is above the 150% of the minimal salary (223500 HUF).

If you are an entrepreneur, this limit is higher – in this case your maximal salary is 292500 HUF for a month.

If you are an employee or an entrepreneur, you mustn’t step over this limit with your salary for 3 months following each other. If so, you lost your entitlement for rehabilitation support.

Is there a time limit of working while being entitled for rehabilitation support?

No, there isn’t. The only limit is about the income.

Am I entitled for a travelling discount while having rehabilitation support?

No, you aren’t entitled for a travelling discount.

Source (Hungarian language): http://csaladitudakozo.kormany.hu