From 1st January 2018, a new form of support, the „Exceptional disability support” has been available. The exceptional rehability support can be granted to persons with a serious health impairment who haven’t got the insurance time for the ordinary disability support due to their cronic illnesses, or who couldn’t have the time caused by any fairness reasons bu they have at least the half of this insurance time, and whose condition of health is maximum 50%, who don’t have a salary and who don’t receive an regular financial support.

Who can have exceptional disability support?

In case of circumstances which need special equity, exceptional disability support can be granted to a person with changed working abilities

  •  whose condition of health is 50%or less according to the complex classification,
  •  Whose rehabilitation is not adviced according to the complex classification or  who can be rehabilitated but at the time of proposal (s)he is going to be retired within 5 years,
  •  Who has got at least half of thenecessary insurance time which is necessary for the ordinary disability support,
  •  Who doesn’t have a salary and
  • Who doesn’t have any regular financial support.

Which papers do I have to attach?

Besides the form of the proposal, you have to attach:

  • The oriinal or copied form of the certificate which shows that ypur working contract is expired,
  • The original or copied versions of any material describing your condition of health in case you don’t have a complex classification,
  •  The copied or original form of anymaterial describing your circumstances of exceptional equity.

Who is preferred while judging the proposals?

Those persons with changed abilities, who has at least 90% of the minimal insurance time.

Other important factors are:

  •  Condition of health,
  •  Insurance time,
  •  Circumstances of salary,
  •  Other circumstances which require special equity.

When can I hand in the proposal?

You can propose exceptional disabiltiy support within six monhs after receiving the resolve which says that you don’t have the necessary insurance time.

If you were declined because the frame amount is expired, you can propose it again in the calendar year after you received the resolve.

From which day can I have exceptional disability support?

From the first day when all the circumstancesare standing, but at least form the day of handing in the proposal.

How much is it for a month?

  • For a person with changed working abilities, whose condition of health – according to the complex classification – is as serious as (s)he needs permanent rehabilitation, however according to the law, his / her employability rehabilitation is not adviced, the 65% of 45% of the basic amount, which is 29.710,- HUF
  • Who can be employed with a permanent support, the 65% of 50% of the basic amount which is 33.010,- HUF
  • Who can’t care about his/herself by his / her own, or can, but with a permanent support, 65% of 55% of the basic amount which is 36.310,- HUF.

When can be the entitlement for exceptional disability support can be lost?

If the entitled person receives other regular financial support which is not an income compensation support granted after an accident or being ill, or not maternity support,

  • Has a permanently positive change in the condition of health so that the requirements are not standing anymore,
  •  Whose salary is above 150% of the minimal salaryfor 3 months following each other
  • Who had been employed without having the certification that (s)he can e employed,
  • Who doesn’t fullfill the obligation of notification and cooperation, and

 After notifying the reason of lapse the grant ofexceptional disability support has to be stopped , if according to the new complex classification of the entitled person, his / her health condition is above 50% or  who is adviced to be rehabilitated, or who can be rehabilitated but is over the age of retirement.