We have prepared our handbook called the deaf in the world of work. You can download the whole text from the link below.

This guide book can be useful for employers with a receptive attitude as well as for the hearing impaired employees. Those employers who sensitively treat the problems of the hearing impaired and are willing to employ them but who are unaware of Their special needs Can gain proper and accurate information from This study.

In this guide book you can find information not only about Deafness and hearing impairment but You can read useful tips on barrier-free workplace development as well as of communication. A person’s skills are judged through mother tongue expression skills.

Therefore work-related behavior and IQ are very often underestimated values. Our society cannot see that the communication of the hearing impaired is damaged. Hearing impaired children have to learn to speak artificially. They cannot hear their own voice. Their control and feedback are not available or week. Their articulation is different from that of a hearing person. The fact that a hearing impaired  speaks badly does not mean that He or she is Intellectually handicapped.

This handbook contains Additional information On the communication  of the hearing impaired and their workplace assimulation.