The main purpose of the Swing project is the development of an image dictionary enhancing the embedding of the hearing impaired of 3 sectors of economy. These are gastronomy, furniture manufacturing and tourism. The mobile application will contain Professional dictionaries of terms for each job Along with practical knowledge in relation to these jobs. These will be image illustrated and sign language implemented.

The project is going on since 2017 It’s closing  expected by the summer of 2020. The Swing project is realized in the framework of an Erasmus+ project of the EU Called” Cooperation for innovation And  change for good practices”. The main International applicant of the project is the Italian Federsid nonprofit organization. They work together with 5 partners from for additional countries. They are Italy, Spain, Germany and Hungary. See the link below for the official Webpage of the Swing project: . Our foundation on the website is on the following link: Munka-Kör Foundation

Participants of the Swing project:

  • Federsid organization of Italy: They Help the disadvantaged including the disabled, the elderly, drug addicts, by calling attention to their problems. They also provide support for these individuals.
  • Cetem organization of Spain: They are active in training and research, founded by business entrepreneurs in the wood industry and furniture manufacturing. They manage 30 education programs annually with 220 students taking a final master’s exam on closing. Their purpose is the Integration of the unemployed into employment. They improve social behaviour and propagate the Integration of the disabled into traditional job sectors.
  • FAU (ILI) organization of Germany: They are a higher education institution dedicated to scientific research. They support lifelong learning programmes, and create programs in this field. Primarily they improve and develop Innovations in study techniques by mobile applications They will prepare the professional image dictionary For mobile. Everyone intrested can reach that mobile app On their smartphones.
  • Ceipes organization of Italy: They work for a nonviolent environment propagating Cooperation, Communication, acceptance, Social integration, tolerance, solidarity, And other universal human rights.
  • Munka-kör Foundation of Hungary

Our project Has three phases, or outcomes in official terms. The first phase is the preparation of methodological materials, getting prepared for research, and interviewing. Interviewing numerous professionals who are active in the 3 abovementioned sectors (gastronomy, tourism, and furniture manufacturing). The experts are hearing and hearing impaired people in equal proportion. With their help we collected words which are characteristics of each sector. These are basic terms that  whoever knows and understands will be able to fullfill the job requirements. The basics of the interviews were a varying number of tested words. Every participating organization Prepared these interviews in their own country Over which the professionals categorized the words into for clusters from Very important to insignificant. This part of the project is already completed. The interviews are done Along with their evaluations. We currently share the 2019 interviews And their experiences. We collect data on interviewee age and work experience. We preliminarily presented them the project And Asked them if their colleagues would be willing to learn sign language.

Parts of the project

Interviewing, observation in 3 sectors (gastronomy, furniture manufacturing, tourism).

The collection and summary of the most important 150 words according to relevance (gastronomy, furniture manufacturing, tourism).

Words on video in sign language and with subtitles

Application prepared for each sector (expected by the September of 2020).

The next phase will be about the video sign language dictionary and its preparation. We will translate the words for 6 months. According to the application the image dictionary with sign language will contain 26 chapters. These are short videos for each word in sign language and with subtitles. Our purpose is that we make this dictionary available for everybody. This outcome is under the responsibility of the CETEM organization  of Spain.

This project reacts to the problem of the hearing impaired and the deaf, that they have Learning difficulties for their lack of information which impede their vocabulary acquisition. Their vocabulary is much more narrow then that of the hearing individuals. Therefore, understanding basic words is indispensable For completing job requirements. This project helps the training and explanation of these words.

The official introduction video in English language can be viewed on the link below.