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Welcome on our website!

Welcome on our website!


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Welcome on our website!

For deaf and hearing-impaired  people

81. hűvösvölgyi Road Budapest, 1021.


leader of the foundation

Dr. Soósné Szigetvári Ágnes

Our foundation helps to look for a job for impaired employees (deaf and hearing-impairedd people). We reserch the potential employers giving them information about the tax and the otheradvantages, supports which are available if they provide  job for an impaired employees. Turning to our foundation belonging to our grou of clients helpingtem to get int touch with the emploeyers helping them to find a job.Our foundation make an advice question of health, supports,taxadvantages, we have already landed  helping hand a question of legall, as well. In equal chancesIn year of 2011 foundation  got in touch with thousands of employers who has make a positive or negative reaction at the request of our  researching e-mail or telephone.

Some of the most hosting workplaces we have managed to make an co-operation agreement.The biger firms (post offices, Auchans, Tescos) performed together  more months lasting  contracts.

By the foundation introduced employeees some of them had been the  stafs of the firms.

In year of 2011 more than 150 employers turn to our foundation signing us to   employ disabled ability to working people  whithwhom we have manage to keep in touch with them  constantly. Keeping touch with the registered  client in e-mail  through the internet,and we try to get in touch with  the no-registered employees through the community websites and advertisements. We try to keep the contact and to make co-operation agreement also  with the potential  co-organizations (for example Federation of  deaf and Hearing-impaired, foundation Point of View).

Interests of the most affective and successfully representation of interests we have found such organizations which are indirectly concerned (hearing sets commercials) but we continue co-operating  negotiation with them, as well.


Dr. Soósné Szigetvári Ágnes:projectmanager, directorof the foundation