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Videos and animations of Hungarian National Bank with txt

Videos and animations of Hungarian National Bank with txt


1. What has to be known about accountancy and forint law?

Ground of forint law the financial institutions are obligated to make forint the real existing and in devisa redempted loanagreements on 01. 02. 2015. Further more the forint legal is extended to financial leasing agreements of properties. The law is not considered to short properties, e.g. personal loans, vehicle mortgages. The making forint occurs an fixed rate, the costumers will be informed about result by the financial institutions in the accountancy letter. The aim of this law to exonerate the customers under the currendcy risk. As a result of this law will decrease the amount of  customers burdening instalment.


2. István Binder: What has to be known about the order of accountancy?

The accountancy is considered to the undecently counted ratespread, or the undecently interests and expenditures for clients. The chance of devisa mortgages or in devisa paid mortgages, accountancy turning day and the forint mortgage 30. june. In chance of devisa mortgages the clients will get in March, April the accountancy letter, in devisa redempted mortgages and forint contracts in August and September. Against of all clients the endingredemption clients theirselves have to pray the accountancy. This process can beginn of paying 10.000 Fts. It can be made in March. They have to get the accountancy letter to 30. March. The deadlines can be exchanged if the suit of bank has not been finished. In this chance the accountancy letter will be arrived after finishing of suit leatest within 60 days. As the letter is arrived the owing will be credited for client within 15 shifts, counting the existing mortgage owing. After the month of récepting of accountancy letter  the instalment will be lower. If somebody got the accountancy letter in April the instalment will be lower mai.


3. What is involved in the accountancy letter?

The customers will be informed about the result of accountancy by financial institutions in a recorded delivery letter. The letter consists of 3 content elementaries

1. includes the rewsult of accountancy

The customer can see how much amount will be counted undecently. After the accountancy how much the owing is.

The 2nd part of letter includes the information about exchanging of contract.

The customer will get informations the connection with exchanging forints and interests. The customer can learn how much the owe will be, after making forint show much interest will be counted by the financial institution, how much will be the amount of instalment.

The 3rd part of letter involved in the information of remedy.

The customers can learn – if somebody doesn’t agree with the information letter - how can be validated the rights


4. What can the customers do during accountancy?

The accountancy letter will be send for customers automathically by financial institutions. The customers have no need to anything. The letter will be send the last known name and address by the financial institution. If somebody had data exchanging, please, inform the financial institution. In chance of break mortgage contracts, if there is no living relationship with bank - it has to be duty to inform the financial institution about significant address, name , odd amount bank account. Both the websites and customer services of Hungarian National Bank and both financial institutions are regulared formulars to announce the data exchanging. Here can be reached those formular, although the contract will be broken before the accountancy is not considered to those contract, The accountancy can initiate on this formular with the financial institution. On these formulars can be prayed the slighting of making forints, making a complain against financial institution. The customer can make set own his /her own datas against of disposing datas of financial institution, The Hungarian national Bank helps the customers the information guide giving answers the often questions, waiting for questions at personal customer service in Budapest via e-mail /phone. The Hungarian national Bank will give information at countryside the office financial network.


5. What kind of informing obligation to the financial institutions?

The law rules obligate the financial institutions to inform their customers, on this obligation they meet their engagements one hand on website under replaced information materials „information about accountancy and making forint law” ont he other hand in the offices of customer services. The customers can find several formulars under this menu ont he website, which can help them to valid their rights. It is necessary that these formulars can be reached also in the desks of customer services. Further the financial institutions’ information obligation to inform the customers about the result of suits against the government. If they accountant all of their customers they has to be share this information to the publicity.

6. What kind of accountancy rules considered to the reducted redempted clients?

The law of mortgageinstitution exchanging 2011. can be possible for the clients disposing of devisa and hipothecary mortgage and financial leasing reducted redemption, for 170.000 customers. Those customers whose contract has been broken the mentioned reducted redempted loancontract has been broken they have to be pray theirselves the accountancy against the other customers. They can do it against to pay 10.000 Ft on a formular document. In their chance the financial institution has to send the accountancy letter till 30. nov. 2015. The financial institution’s to be right to draw the difference between the reduced rate and the market rate the amount, which have been granted for the customers as a reduction. In chance of many customers  the earlier reductions will be mop up the pay back amount. If the customer obligated any amount over this money the financial institution is obligated to pay it back. Besides the customers will get back also their requests. They don’t have to pay the 10.000 FTs fee if it can be verified to make a loancontract the interests of redemption.

7. How will be accounted the refinancing mortgages and liquidated financial institution? 

The touched clients in refinancing mortgages are also obligated to accountancy.  If somebody’s already the previous mortgage contract in this chance also required an accountancy. If the refinancing mortgage has been granted by the same institution like the previous mortgage, and owing is always existing, in this chance this owing has been drafted the credited amount. If another institution granted the 1st mortgage and the relationship of client has been broken, cash will be paid by the financial institution the 2nd one will credit this accountancy payment. The customers of exchanged, broken, merged mortgage institutions can also count accountancy if there is another privy mortgage institution. It is obligated to make accountance. If the institution is covered under accounted cathegory, the accountancy will be finished by Financial Stability Nonprofit Limited Company. It can be occur there are all datas no wait upon the mortgage institution. In this chance the company can occassionestimation process. The company can ask datas client. The payment can finish the existed property.


8. What kind of rules considered tclaim executive and consumating mortgages? oclients of NET

At the Hungarian National Devicemanager considered difference accountancy rules to  consumating mortgages. In chance of National Devicemanager if the accountancy has been occured till appointment of traffic, the financial institution has no accountancy obligation. If the contract hasn’t been signatured yet, so the financial institution has to account with customer informing the Hungarian national Devicemanager about exchanged obligation. Those mortgages which have been given to the claim executive after 26 july 2009. the financial institution has accountancy obligation till appointment of accountancy. If the mortgage has been given to the claim executive before the mentioned data, proofing by the customer the mortgage have been given such claim executive who aren’t obligated to account, the financial institution has also accountancy obligation. It is important to stress, considered to mortgage consumation the consumating has been broken during accountancy. The end of accountancy the consumating can continue, again. Time of accountancy customer has right to pray the suspensing of disabled instalments ground of determination with consumator breaking payment of instalments.

9. What kind of rules considered to  clients?

The accountancy touches also in system of reducing customers

In their chance the repaying amount after drawing the earlier overdued owing, at 1st decrease owe of collectionbill. It can be happened the collectionbill mortgage of customer will be broken. In the course of accountancy the financial institutions have rights to draw back the former granted reductions. The determined fixed rate is higher than the level the customers who are in this system make better ends meet than the other devisa mortgagor. In the course of making forint law The burdens of customers cannot be growen – according to law. The last month determined instalment cannot be changed during the time of fixing rate. The instalment can increase max. percent 15 after overduing of fixed rate, which can be reachable the longlasting of duration by banks. The longlasting of duration can held the 75. year of youngest deptor. The customers have opportunity to pay higher instalment during the time of rate.


10. What has to be known about making forints?

Ground of forint law the financial institutions are obligated to make forint the real existing and in devisa redempted loanagreements on 01. 02. 2015. Further more the forint legal is extended to financial leasing agreements of properties. The law is not considered to short properties, e.g. personal loans, vehicle mortgages.The making forint occurs an fixed rate, the costumers will be informed about result by the financial institutions in the accountancy letter. The aim of this law to exonerate the customers under the currendcy risk. As a result of this law will decrease the amount of  customers burdening instalment.

11. What kind of redemies in course of accountancy?

The course of accountancy it is possible to enquire redemy. There are 3 redemy possibilities. to make a complain at financial institution redemy at financial Conciliator Comission court remedy in. Every relevant information connection with accountancy the financial institution are obligated to inform their customers and public ont he websites and banks. After getting the accountancy letter it is possible to initiate a complainment turning to the financial institution within 30 days. The banks are obligated to deal with these complainments within 60 days, continuing the complain procedure. The determined decisions depends on what it is, chance of rejecting of complainment it is possible to turn to Financial conciliator Commission.

It can be possible to find redemy in 3 questions: determination of accountancy obligation, delaying of complain, argue of accountancy. The last chance it has to be found data failure or lack of datas. It is necessary to verify these failures. If somebody doesn’t agree with deciding of Financial Peacemaker Comission can turn to court. asking further remedy. This forum will determine the last decision

12. What kind of tasks have the Hungarian National Bank connection with accountancy?

The detailed tasks connection with accountancy of financial institutions are determined by Hungarian National Bank. The finishing of obligations are continually controlled by them as a controller and customer protector authority. If it is need to force them. The course of authority appeals stand for forcing the financial institutions to finish their every accountancy obligation. Results and determinations of the appeals the publicity is informed. Interest of informing the customers the Hungarian National Bank and also the financial institutions are obligated to inform their clients under title „accountancy information.” The formular documents and materials, actual rule laws can reachable ont he website of bank. The bank informs the customers about  important information guide collecting the most often questions and answers. Customer Service of Hungarian national Bank can give advice for customers personal or via e-mail /phone in Budapest. The customers can visit also the office networks it runs 11 counties. Several local civil organisation give a helping hand to understand the accountancy.