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Munka-Kör Alapítvány / Munka-Kör Foundation



Address:1021 Budapest, Hűvösvölgyi út 81.     

Tel: +36 (1) 274 26 07




Our foundation deals with helping the employment of people living with severe disability (deaf and people with severely impaired hearing).

Therefore, we search for potential employers and inform them about the available funding opportunities and other allowances in the case of employing people with disability in Hungary.

We help to create a connection between the disabled employee and the employer and assist their relationship throughout. Our main goal is to help our clients finding a job as soon as possible.

We do counselling and give guidance to everyone who visit us and asks for help. At these occasions we inform them about the tax reductions, the laws related to their status and the possible allowances.

As a result of the economic crisis it is less possible that the people with changed working capacity get a job and the requirements they have to face have changed. The severely disabled people with hearing loss who want to work in a field in which they have limited chances and opportunities have to be prepared with advice or training for the changed circumstances which they know of but they are not able to understand them. This is because they are unfamiliar with the Hungarian language itself since their mother tongue is sign language so this fact creates a great drawback in their socialization. 

This provides a great amount of tasks: for instance using sign language service, increasing working ability and competence, enhancing availability- this means that we also provide advocacy for our clients when we contact the employer. It makes the situation more severe that their social status is maleficent because of their disability the expense of the company is higher.

Our foundation helps the employment of severely disabled people and people with changed working ability – mainly who have hearing impairment.  Our aim is to help them get a job in the opened labor market and to promote integrated employment.

We do previous research and we inform the employers and the companies about the newest laws and advantages in case of employing people with changed working capacity.


Please, contact us should you wish to contribute to or learn about our foundation. All contributions and involvement are highly appreciated. Thank you.