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Equal chance

Equal chances


To make efforts interests of equal chances
Because of the economic crysis, the chance of reduced capacity employees have been magnificently reduced, and the enquiries of the employers have been exchanged.

The handicapped, hearing injured people who would like to find a job such a field of work where they would have no chance, have to prepair them giving advices or concrete educating for the exchanged circumstances, about which they posess knowledge, but  they are not able to estimate the good effects.

That’s the reason the vocabular of mother language of injured people consistsof the signlanguage anddon’t include to  the hungarian grammar., their socialization and integration are more difficult.

On account of this fact, there are many tasks e.g. extention of signlanguage serve, rising of professional competents, extention of contact information foundation supply representation of interests towards to the assign social and educational organisations. Further disadvantage their social assesment as they are regarded as sick people, rising the expense of entrepreneur. (sickleave, sickpay).

Our foundation helps the deal of the reduced capacity, regard the labour market disabled, carreer entrant youth at first to find a workplace for hearing injured people within integrated circumstances. We share our experiences with those organisations, employers, firms, attend to employing of reduced capacity employees, making previous survey helping the employed disabled people to move on, the dealing  of handicapped people at recettivita organisations,  employers, firms.