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Contact us if...


       If you are a person with hearing impairment:

  • and you would like to find employment but you are not sure how to start, where to register, if you need advice and information during your searching for a job,
  • if you cannot make head or tale of different law,
  • if you need personal suite and sign language interpreter when you go to an official administration,
  • if you would like to know what kind of aids and discounts you can get and what sort of documents you have to fill in to get them,
  • if you would like to write a perfect CV or motivation letter but you are not sure how to do it,
  • if you are interested in the actual positions, trainings and programmes for people with hearing impairment,
  • if as a person with hearing impairment you have any communications block during working

  If you would like to join in our Foundation as a peer-helper or volunteer,

  If as an employer

  • you are willing to employ people with hearing impairment,
  • you  arrange a  training to sensitize or a lecture

      If as a civil organization 

  •     you are willing to cooperate with us  to help people with hearing impairment being employed, working integrated and to gain social acceptance

If you wish to support our Foundation with subsidy or donation in kind.