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About our foundation

Postalcode: 1021.

81. Hűvösvölgyi Road, Budapest

Phone: +36 (1) 274 26 07

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operating of the foundation:

Running of foundation occurs through the commissioned advisory board and professional leader adjured by the funder of the foundation together with the representers, volunter helpers.



The foundation helps to find a job for the disabled employees (deaf and hearing injured people) on the world of work. In the interest of this, We reserch potential employers giving them information about the probable and requisiting reductions and the other supports connecting to the dealing of disabled employees these reductions become reachable for the employers dealing for disabled employees.

The employees Including to the target group and turning to the foundation help to get in touch with the workplaces are attend to deal handicapped workers, and help them to find a job as soon as possible.


Foundation finishes labour market and also healthcare advices.

The foundation give information about the supports, tax reductions, For the visitors  furter we give information about the appearing of the necessary healthcare inspections and medical controlls opportunities and duties,

connecting to the different government supplies. Last decade  because of the evolved economic crisis the chance of reduced capacity employees have been reduced and the enquiries of the employers have been exchanged.

The handicapped, hearing injured people who would like to find a job such a field of work where they have no chance to appear on to the opened labour market competition

have to prepair them (giving advices or concrete educating) for the exchanged circumstances

about which they posess only limited knowledge, therefor they are not able to estimate their real chances.

Lots of them- because of their failures -   give up their vain  fight to find a job and

retiring int o the unemployed and household exist,

this situation provides any supply neither in this situation nor long distance for them.

The foundation regard as a mission to give information and the chance possibilities for the retiring persons

removing them the hopeless livesituation

imparting the needies such trainings, educations directly, or together with other institutions

by virtue of their reality knowledge and professional preparing can appear on the opened labour market.

There is a very large probleme that vocabular of mother language of injured people consistsof the signlanguage anddon’t include to  the hungarian grammar.

On account of this fact, there are many tasks e.g. extention of signlanguage serve, rising of professional competents, extention of contact information foundation supply representation of interests towards to the assign social and educational organisations

Further disadvantage their social assesment as they are regarded as sick people,

rising the expense of entrepreneur

(sickleave, sickpay)

Our foundation helps the deal of the reduced capacity, regard the labour market disabled, carreer entrant youth

 at first to find a workplace for hearing injured people within integrated circumstances